Portrait Night 1/25 (Keith Richards)

As I’ve likely mentioned before, I’m not a great caricaturist–but the only way to get better is to try, try, try, right? So, to that end I’m going to try to do a (quick) caricature/portrait a week. As an attempt to motivate myself to actually do this every week, I’m going to try to post my completed drawing each week to my Twitter feed with a #portraitnight hashtag. My first attempt was Keith Richards. For such an iconic figure, I found Keith surprisingly-difficult to capture visually. I think it’s because I started out trying to draw the young, 60s Keith, not the old, grizzled Keith with the age-exaggerated features. I eventually did a mid-era Keith ’cause it was just plain easier to to draw:For what it’s worth, here’s the original drawing from my sketchbook, done in my usual manner with iterations of light blue, orange, red, B pencil, and finally brush pen:When I start coloring I really don’t worry much about what actual hues I’m using; I select a starting color almost at random. What I think about more is the the light/dark and hot/cool relationships. Once it’s colored, I begin monkeying around with the hue and saturation via Photoshop’s Image–>Adjustments–>Hue/Saturation sliders. Here’s how I originally colored Keith prior to that:

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