Christmas Card 2010

With the year coming to a close and Christmas fading into the past, I guess it’s safe to post our Christmas card from this year.  We actually managed to mail out the physical cards the week before Christmas this year, so anyone that’s been mailed a card has had it in their mitts for a while.

A few years ago (maybe seven) I started doing custom Christmas cards and now I guess I’m committed to doing one every year.  I used to silk-screen them, but with the demise of the Gocco (and me being to lazy to do a “real” silk-screen) I wound up doing color copied cards last year.  This proved to be a bit of a crisitunity though, since I realized that I now no longer  have to confine myself to drawn images.

This year I decided to do a parody of the classic album cover of The Beatles record Meet the Beatles.  Despite not having to hand silk-screen anything, the card was a real challenge for me since I know next to nothing about photography and I had to learn how to work some of the non-point and shoot features of my camera.  Anyway, here’s the final result:

…and the original cover:

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