Summer of Minis 2010 – Part I

Well, not “summer” exactly, but close enough since I buy pretty much all of my minis either at SPX or at Heroes Con. Anyway, I thought as a motivator to begin working my way through this year’s stack of stuff, I’d try to do a quick write-up of each one after reading. So here goes…

Drop Target #1 by Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth

This is really more a zine than a mini technically; it’s filled with articles (and some comics) about pinball. Included are things like a list of basic pinball terminology, an interview with the founders of a pinball magazine called Multiball, reviews of local (White River Junction, VT) pinball machines, etc. My favorite item here, though is “Dream Machines,” in which Alec and Jon each design their own pinball machine. Jon does a Lawrence of Arabia machine and Alec a Harry Potter machine.

Buy it here.

Paranormal Hipsters and Beard – by Pranas T. Naujokaitis

Paranormal Hipsters is a short (6-page) mini that’s exactly what you’d think it is: illustrations of six paranormal creatures with hipster apparel/surroundings.  You know… a werewolf on a fixie, a bearded ghost listening to vinyl LPs.  Nicely-drawn and funny. Below is the cover and an interior spread. I would totally buy and wear a shirt that just has the word “IRONY” printed on it like that.

Beard has a great silk-screened fold-out cover. You can see the horizontal seam there where it opens once you “unhook” the nose; once open, there’s a clean-shaven face revealed beneath. This is a funny story about a boy from Beardville (a town where everyone–men, women, children–has beards) who can’t grow a beard. Coincidentally, there’s a cameo appearance by Alec Longstreth in the finale scene. A fun story with solid cartooning, the look and feel of Beard reminds me a little bit of Joey Weiser’s work.

Buy Beard here.

The Numbers of the Beasts – Shawn Cheng

The premise here is easier seen than stated, so here’s a sample spread:

Numbers of the Beasts is 12 pages, each with this number/mythological beast format. I love Cheng’s mix of cartoony character designs, clear line drawing, and decorative detailing.

Buy it here.

Comic Book by Phil McAndrew

I think this is the first thing I’ve ever read by Phil McAndrew.  I’m a sucker for “repeating panel” stories, though, which is exactly what this mini is. It’s 32 pages of pretty much the same image that you see here on the cover, but with dialog over top (and an occasional coffee sip from the woman on the right). It’s a pretty funny gag and I love McAndrew’s character designs and “jittery” line-work.

Doesn’t look like he’s got a store anymore, but when/if it returns, it’ll be here.


Summer of Minis 2010, Part II coming whenever I read through my next batch…


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  1. Chris Schweizer says:

    BEARD was one of my favorite minis a couple of years ago. I haven’t seen the others, but will definitely keep an eye out for them. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Ben says:

    I didn’t know BEARD was that old… but I’m definitely keeping an eye out for his work from now on.

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