Process: Oyster War pg. 20 Start to Finish

Well, here’s the finished colored version of pg. 20 of Oyster War that I’ve been posting intermittently at various stages of completion.  If I had to do it over again, I’d probably have picked a different page from this chapter to highlight since this page wound up using mostly literal color, not the more expressive/narrative color that I find much more interesting. At any rate, here’s the finished page, along with reposted inks, pencils and thumbnail pages so you can see the whole process start to finish:


  1. Chris Schweizer says:

    This page looks amazing! I was feeling, early in the project, that this might be a little too big-footy, but didn’t realize how EXTREMELY big footy it was going to be, and subsequently how very much you would own it. It’s perfect for it! Bravo.

  2. Ben says:

    It probably is too big-footy. I’m wearing my influences on my sleeve here in a pretty blatant way… and I’ll probably get called on it at some point for sure.

    Thanks for the kind words for sure, though!

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