Oyster War Chapter 2 Penciled Page

Despite the fact that spending most of the summer doing odd freelance work and being “Mr. Mom” while my daughter is out of school, I have managed to wedge in a few hours a week to keep cranking on Oyster War.  I’m currently penciling the second chapter and I’m going to give it my all to have that chapter finished and colored by the end of the summer.  It’s a relatively short chapter at only seven pages–albeit giant, 13 x 18 four-tier TinTin-style pages–so I think that’s something I can accomplish even with a pretty crunched schedule.

For no particular reason, I’m picking this particular page to be the one I post progress on here.  Chapter two is the second half of act one and this particular page is the obligatory “gathering of allies” sequence.  The character Tevia is obviously a pretty ham-handed homage to Queequeg; Ju-Long was borne from some of my research reading about the (often overlooked) role that Chinese immigrants played in the 19th century America.  The ship in the first panel is The Layla (although I intermittently consider and then abandon the idea of renaming it The Fusty Puffin) and it wound up being pretty close design-wise to my initial ruminations on it a while back.

It’ll likely be a while, but I’ll repost this page once I’ve got it inked.

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