Heroes Con 2010 – Day 3

Sunday was surprisingly busy sales-wise it seemed to me.  I wound up (again) doing lots of sketchbook commissions and never really getting caught up with my five dollar superhero sketches.  I had someone request another Deadman, so I took care of that:


Interesting sketchbook commissions I got Sunday were a request for The Thing in boxing attire, and a Legend sketch.  Being a big fan of Legend, I knew that the makeup design for the character Blix was based on Keith Richards, so I riffed on that for my piece:



By the end of the day Sunday, I got the vibe that folks were feeling a lot better about sales at the show.  In fact, when I crunched my sales numbers this morning, I’m seeing that my sales this year were actually up 16% over Heroes ’09 with roughly the same split between original art and books.  Everyone I spoke to was having a great time at the show whatever the case may be for sales and I’m looking forward to seeing more press coverage of the show emerge, particularly coverage of the panels, since I wasn’t able to attend any of them except my own.

One of the highlights of the day for me was getting to look through actor Scott Adsit’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-themed sketchbook.  It’s got some pretty unbelievable stuff in it–all top notch stuff by folks like Mike Mignola, Phil Noto, Darwyn Cooke, etc.

As the day wound down, I made the rounds and picked up books by other Indie Island folks like Drew Weing, Josh Latta, Brad McGinty and Joe LambertDustin was nice enough to hit me with a fantastic Kate Beton-drawn (and Dustin-colored) Indie Island t-shirt.

Thanks to everyone who bought books and sketches from me! I really appreciate your support. See you next year!


  1. Charles Hatfield says:

    Ben, nice to read this report, along with Spurge’s take over @ TCR. Sounds like a great show!

    Sorry never to have been there. Someday, I hope.

  2. Ben says:

    @Charles – It’s indeed a really fun show. If you’re ever in this neck of the woods at con-time you should come. And, yeah, I thought Tom Spurgeon’s take on the show was fairly accurate.

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