Ignatz Nominees FINALLY Announced

Like the headline says, the Ignatz awards–the annual comics industry awards presented every year at SPX–have been announced, just a week or so before the event itself. Here’s a list:

2005 Ignatz Awards

I’m glad to see that Roger Langridge and Josh Cotter are finally getting some recognition. If you don’t own the Fred the Clown collection (by Langridge) or Skyscrapers of the Midwest #2 yet, you should go out and buy them immediately.

I’m surprised by how few folks chose to debut books this year. As I’m debuting a solo mini-comic and am also included in a mini-comics anthology, I’ve got two nominations in the “Outstanding Debut” category. I’m guessing “True Porn” vol II will win…’cause it’s got humping and stuff in it.

* 676 apparitions of Killoffer, Killoffer, Typocrat Press
* Action Philosphers: Self Help For Stupid Ugly Losers #1, Ryan Dunlavy & Fred Van Lente
* American Music: A-Z, Ben Towle
* Big Fat Whale’s Sea Anomie, Brian McFadden
* Conversations #2, James Kochalka & Jeffrey Brown, Top Shelf Productions
* The Dada Alphabet, An Absurdist’s Primer, Freese, Milloway & Wood
* Dr. Dremo, Vol.1, DC Conspiracy
* House of Twelve’s Rashoman, Cheese Hasselberger, House of Twelve
* Matriculated, Phillip Chan, Digital Pimp Productions
* Merde, Steve Ahlquist, Chris Reilly & Ben Towle
* Owly, Vol. 3, Andy Runton, Top Shelf Productions
* Pale Fire, MK Reed
* Strange Detective Tales: Dead Love #2, Jesse Bausch & Jim Callahan, Oddgod Press
* Stupid and Unkind, Robin Enrico
* Superf*ckers #2, James Kochalka, Top Shelf Productions
* The Surrogates #2, Robert Venditti & Brett Weldele, Top Shelf Productions
* True Porn, Vol. 2, edited by Robyn Chapman & Kelli Nelson, Alternative Comics
* Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?, Liz Prince, Top Shelf Productions
* Zed: Setting the Scene, Duane M. Abe, Corkey Comics

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