Interview at Sweet Union ‘Toonists

You can find a short Q&A/interview with me over at the Sweet Union ‘Toonists blog.  The blog is promoting the upcoming Union West Regional Library Mini-Con (Indian Trail, NC –  June 26-27) where I’ll be appearing along with folks like Al Bigley, Marcus Hamilton, and Chrissie Zullo.

Q: When did you first discover comics and why did you notice them?
A: I’m not sure I can isolate one particular instance where I first “discovered” comics; they were much more ubiquitous when I was younger then they are now and you’d see comics at drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. Probably the first comic books I ever really read were the Marvel Star Wars tie-ins, from the mid 70s. Before then, though, I’d read various collections of newspaper strips–Little Orphan Annie, Rupert and Betty Boop are the ones I recall.  (read more…)

If you click through to the main page, you can find a great interview with Marcus Hamilton along with a ton of his non-Dennis the Menace artwork that I’d never seen before.

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