Sketchbook 2/18

Yet more noodling on The Count of Monte Cristo–this time, The Count himself.  The main thing I’m going for here is to (unlike any film or TV version I’ve seen) really play up the Orientalist nature of the book, and The Count in particular. I don’t know that these two images do that entirely, but it’s a start…



  1. Kerry Keith says:

    I would have to say that this interpretation of the Count’s oriental style is better than any I’ve seen in film. Keep up the great work. Out of curiosity which part of the book do you like the most? The jail escape I’m guessing since you already drew that, but just wanted to see.

  2. Ben says:

    Yeah, that’s something (the Orientalist imagery) that I really wanted to do, and that–as you note–isn’t in most film versions.

    I like the escape scene for sure, but part of what made me do that as a sample scene was that it works well as a stand-alone sequence.

    My favorite part of the novel is the last quarter or so, where we get to see really how complex a character the Count/Dantes is. In the novel–unlike in most film versions–he eventually realizes that he really cannot fulfill his self-assigned role as Providence and that vengeance is best left to God, as he himself basically remarks. He lets Danglars live, he is prepared to let Albert kill him in a duel, etc.

    In that section we also see that he is in many ways really no longer Edmond Dantes: there’s no “Hollywood” reunion with Mercedes…

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