R. Crumb in Richmond

Pop on over to ComicsWorthReading for Part I of  my coverage of R. Crumb and Françoise Mouly’s recent appearance in Richmond, Virgina.  On the fence about whether you want to read my rambling diatribe about some lecture in Richmond?  How’s about this: the article includes a picture of my dog dressed up as R. Crumb.  Check it out:

If you’re a cartoonist and you hear that Robert Crumb will be making a rare stateside appearance a few short hours drive from your hometown, you don’t ask “How much?” you just get thee to Ticketmaster.com as quickly as possible and buy tickets. And that’s exactly what I did a few weeks back when (after a Bob Clampett-style double take) I saw this very announcement posted online. R. Crumb, godfather of underground comics (and more circuitously, pretty much everything else you’ve read since the late sixties that doesn’t involve guys in tights fighting crime) would be appearing along with Françoise Mouly at Richmond’s Carpenter Center to discuss his most recent book, a fully illustrated version of Genesis, based largely on Robert Alter’s 2004 translation. [more….]

And, closely-related, there’s this:  Hey, I’m in a comic strip!

I’m apparently making an appearance in pal Rob Ullman‘s most recent Traffic and Weather strip for Richmond Magazine.  Rob graciously offered me his couch for the evening of the Crumb talk and we wound up, on a lark, meeting up with what I thought would just be some local Richmond comics folk for late dinner and/or drinks.  You can read the rest for yourself starting here.  I’ll link to the second parts of both my Crumb article at ComicsWorthReading and the second part of Rob’s strip as they appear (with some commentary on the latter, most likely).

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