No, THIS Is The Way To Improve SPX

Every year after SPX,  alt-comix’s venerable gathering in Bethesda, there are usually a few folks who blog about ways to improve the show.  This year’s most circulated post is from Susie Cagle.  I’ve even dabbled in the SPX critique/suggestion game myself.  Usually folks who discuss possible changes to SPX do so drawing on and citing various other comics events, whether from the domestic mainstream like the San Diego Comic-Con or from the European scene like the Angoulême festival.  I think, though, it’s time to look at events outside the insular world of comics to find ways to improve comics events.  Fortunately I happened to be at just such an event this evening, Winston-Salem’s Dixie Classic Fair, which since 1882 has been drawing folks from around the state for an evening of fun, games, rides, and yes, one attraction in particular that I feel would really improve most comics events a thousand-fold: FRIED STUFF


SPX has its “buzz books,” but each year of the Dixie Classic seems to have a new fried “buzz item.”  This year it was…. wait for it…. fried butter!  While I’m not sure that it really made my “heart flutter” as advertised, it was pretty damn good.  Basically, it was a small column of butter wrapped in multiple layers of filo dough, deep fried, and then sprinkled with powered sugar.  Also available were fried Oreos, fried Snickers bars, fried Three Musketeers bars, Fried pickles, fried cheese, etc. (The fried Snickers is the best one I’ve tried so far.  It’s a Snickers bar on a stick, dipped in funnel cake batter, deep fried, and then topped with powdered sugar.)

I’m glad that SPX’s attendance was up 19% to around 1800.  Attendance of the the Dixie Classic is regularly in the hundreds of thousands.  Hear me now and believe me later, SPX… BUY A GODDAMN FRYER!!!


  1. Bryan Fordham says:

    I think it would make your “heart flutter” if you ate enough of it.

  2. Craig Fischer says:

    You actually ate fried butter? You’re my hero, in an Evel Kneviel kind of way.

    When I tried a fried Oreo this summer, I almost threw up–and I’m a guy who’ll willingly eat circus peanuts!

  3. Ben says:

    Fried fair food is like fine wine: you need to develop a palate.

  4. Jordan says:

    That sounds awesome. I want to try this fried butter, and I heartily support this plan. If SPX isn’t up to the task, next year (when I will let no stupid move stop me from attending) I will bring my own deep fryer. I can make some damn good fried pickles.

  5. Ben Cohen says:

    Now I am returning.

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