Marvel/Disney Mashup: Steamboat Spidey

With the news last week of Disney’s planned purchase of Marvel comics came an onslaught of often hilarious “mashups” of Marvel and Disney characters.  Two of my personal favorites are on display here: Gooflactus (Goofy and Galactus) and M.O.D.U.C.K (M.O.D.O.K. and Donald Duck).  I finally got around to cranking out one myself but boringly I just went with the obvious “flagship” characters, Mickey Mouse and Spider-man.  My twist, though, is that I did the image as a frame of the first Mickey Mouse short, Steamboat Willie:



  1. Isaac says:

    That’s easily as cool as Gooflactus or M.O.D.U.C.K.

  2. Andy Gabrysiak says:

    This really looks like an old coroding animation cell!

  3. Ben says:

    @Andy – The background is from “Steamboat Willie.” I just drew the Mickey/Spidey combo in the same pose and superimposed it on there, having first removed the original Mickey. With some monkeying around with Photoshop filters and whatnot I managed to get my drawing to blend in reasonably well with the background. If you do a google image search for “Steamboat Willie” you’ll turn up the still I used on the first page of results.

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