Michael Jackson Pinup

J Chris Campbell and Rob Ullman will be trekking it out to San Diego this year for the big Comic-Con International (alas, I will not be) and it looks like J. Chris is putting together a Michael Jackson memorial minicomic to sell there.   And, thus, the call went out to all WAPpies for comics and pinups of MJ.  Here’s mine:


I have to admit: I’ve never been a huge Michael Jackson fan.  I think Off the Wall is a really solid pop record and I dig a lot of the old Jackson 5 stuff, but beyond that I’m not a big follower.  I know he was really important to a lot of folks, but honestly my world was a lot more changed by the recent death of Ron Asheton.  As far as record sales go, Jackson is clearly the champ, but I really feel that modern music would sound really, really different if Ron Asheton had never walked the earth.  I don’t think you can really say that about MJ, though…  On the other hand, he could sure as hell dance better than Ron Asheton.

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  1. J Chris Campbell says:

    Great illustration. Thanks for pitching in!!

  1. Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment » SDCC ‘09 | More exclusives, more panels, more everything says:

    […] | According to Ben Towle, J Chris Campbell of Wide Awake Press is putting together a Michael Jackson memorial mini-comic to […]

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