The Mr. A Cake

If, for some bizarre reason, you were on the fence about whether to attend the big Steve Ditko panel/celebration that Craig Fischer and I are putting on at this year’s Heroes Con, here’s something that I hope will kick you firmly in the rump, landing you fully and squarely in “I must attend this panel!” territory: a cake (crafted by my lovely wife) that’s a replica of Mr. A’s famous card.

First the card…


Now, the cake.


At the end of the panel, you’re welcome to a slice of this cake, but you”ll need to select either a black slice or a white slice.  THERE IS NO IN-BETWEEN!


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  1. Isaac says:


    Me, I will hold out for the Shade the Changing Man cake.

  2. Craig Fischer says:

    Well, I was on the fence about coming to the panel, but now I guess I’ll show up.

    Seriously, though, all props to Katherine! If I’d made that cake, I would’ve looked like something from SHADE’s Null-Zone…but not on purpose.

  3. Javier Hernandez says:

    Ha! What a great idea. But what if you get a piece of the evil Black cake, and eat it with a glass of pure, goo, white milk?!

  4. Jordan says:

    And an excellent cake it was! The folks who didn’t stick around for a piece really missed out.

  5. Javier Hernandez says:

    Geez, just noticed I mispelled ‘good’ with ‘goo’ in my previous post…. :(

  6. Ben says:

    “Geez, just noticed I mispelled ‘good’ with ‘goo’ in my previous post…. :(”

    It’s because you were thinking of frosting.

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