Heroes Con 2009 Seating Assignments

Seating assignments for the upcoming heroes con are now posted.  In order to actually find people, though, you have to cross-reference the table number of each person with the PDF map of the hall on the site.  To make things simpler, here’s a handy chart showing the Indie Island area of the floor and I and some of my friends/ususal Heroes gang are all seated.  I’m sure I missed a few folks, but this’ll do for now:


(Click on it for a bigger version.)   I’m really excited to be sitting right near one of my all-time favorite cartoonists, Roger Langridge!

Also note that in addition to our big Ditko celebration/panel, I’ll also be on a panel about comics and historical fiction:

The Heroes Discussion Group’s own Andy Mansell sits down with three of comics most talented voices to discuss dealing with history (both real and imagined) in comics and graphic novels. Featuring Jason Lutes (Berlin), Matt Kindt (Superspy), Ben Towle (Midnight Sun) and Jim Ottaviani (Suspended In Language), this is sure to be a triple-fascinating panel discussion!

SUNDAY @ 1:30

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