What I’ll Be Bringing to Heroes Con

With Heroes Con creeping up on us, I thought I’d do a quick post about what stuff I’ll have with me at the show–and use it as an excuse to post some preview pages and the cover from my upcoming Hyperion graphic novel, Ameila Earhart: This Broad Ocean.   So, here goes…

Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean

While I won’t have the book itself for sale, (it’s not due out for real until Feb of next year) I will have some advance reading copies of the book there for folks to look at.  I’ve mentioned the book before, but just in case: Amelia is the next in the series of Hyperion/CCS historical graphic novels for young adults.  The other books in the series so far have been Houdini – The Handcuff King, Satchel Paige – Striking out Jim Crow, and Thoreau at Walden.   Amelia was written by Sarah Stewart Taylor and illustrated by me (based on breakdowns by editor Jason Lutes).  Here’s the front cover (including the interior flap-thing and the spine) and a few spreads from the book.  The advance copies of the book look pretty much just like these pages, but in the final book the “graytones” will be some color other than gray.






I was feeling pretty lame about not having a new book out for this year’s convention, but as a sort of stopgap measure, I decided to put together a little print-on-demand book to have available.   I’m too busy these days to spend the many a sleepless night required to continually edition my many mini-comics to have for conventions, but I figured it’d be fun to assemble some of my best material from minis past, combine it with some odds and ends that I’ve done for various anthologies,  tack on some of my patented “rubber arm” superhero pinups, and make a little book out of it.  Since most of my work’s been in black and white, I shelled out for color printing.  So… I’ll be offering Snooker (the title’s a lame reference to Eighball) for $10.00 at the show.  I haven’t received the books yet from the printer, but here’s the cover.  It’s 64 pages, digest sized (AKA “Manga sized”) and full color!


Ditko Panel

I won’t repeat the whole thing, but as mentioned in last post, Craig Fischer and I are going to be doing a pretty extensive panel/presentation on Steve Ditko.


Original Art

As any veteran of Heroes Con knows, sketches are big at the show.  As usual, if you buy anything from me, I’ll do a sketch for you if you ask.  Really, if you’re even kinda-sorta vaguely aware of me and my work, I’ll probably do a sketch for you unless I’m completely swamped.

I’ll also have some original art for sale.  Most of it will be with Brian from A Cosmic Odyssey and he’ll most likely be with Craig Hamilton–so if you can find Craig’s table, you’ll probably find my art there for sale.  I’ll have full pages from my various books as well as a number of new ridiculous superhero pinups, like this one of Alpha Flight:


Hope to see you at the show!


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  1. John says:

    Man, that Amelia book looks like it’s gonna be great! Can’t wait to see it, and to have one warming the hearth come Feb. ’10. Looks real sharp.

    Also look forward to seeing you at the Con– i’ll be there as a sort of Scrooge McDuck, my three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Jordan, Simon, and Davis) in tow, and my brother Jim there as well. See you Saturday, if not before!

  2. Greg Carter says:

    Dammitt. I may have to drive up to Charlotte on Sunday after all. I can buy some stuff from you AND catch the Longbox panel.

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