In-Progress Sketchbook Grid

Every so often, I post one of these “grid drawings” from my sketchbook, but I never seem to manage to post the original doodles that each panel is based upon.   I should have done so this time before I even started, but here’s one in-progress.  What I do with these things is to grid off a page, do a quick blind contour drawing or doodle in each panel in non-photo blue pencil, then use that doodle as the basis for a little character drawing.  I’ve used Photoshop here to turn the non-photo blue in the remaining squares to black so you can see the doodles better.  I’ll post the final page for comparison when I’m done.


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  1. Ben Towle: Cartoonist, Educator, Hobo » Blog Archive » Completed Sketchbook Grid says:

    […] the completed sketchbook grid exersize I’d posted an in-progress version of a while back.  These things usually yeild one or two “panels” that are passable, but I […]

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