I’m a 2009 Eisner Judge

“Having read 5,000 comics in a single sitting to win a bet, this poor man suffered brain damage and appeared directly thereafter as – the Flaming Carrot!”


Looks like I’ll be seeing if you really do turn into a Flaming Carrot as a result of reading tons and tons of comics in a short time period of time since I’ll be one of the judges for this year’s Eisner Awards!

In addition to me, the other judges this year are retailer Amanda Emmert (née Fisher), librarian Mike Pawuk, Diamond Books sales manager John Shableski, and editor/critic Andrew Wheeler.

Full details, bio info for each of us, etc., can all be found on the official Comic-Con site.


  1. Justin Colussy-Estes says:

    Hey! Let me be the first to offer congrats! How cool. Of course, I’d forgotten the Flaming Carrot implications of being an Eisner Judge…


  2. Jordan says:

    Wow, congratulations Ben!

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