Father/Daughter Halloween Costume: Luke & Yoda

This is easily my most half-assed Halloween costume of recent years–but, hey, what can I tell ya?  I’m keeping pretty busy these days and I don’t have the time I used to have available to construct elaborate Halloween costumery.   In this case, I just managed to find an almost-matching top and bottom that I thought would pass as Luke’s “Bespin” outfit, added a cheap light saber and some newly spraypainted brown boots and called it a day.

For my daughter, I’m letting the ears do all the work.  She’d never really been in this carrier in the backpack configuration before, so she was kind of freaked out–which is why she’s looking pretty grumped up in these pictures.  We did manage to get out, though, and gather some free candy, which obviously will be eaten by me and my wife, not the baby since she only has two teeth at the moment.

(And, yeah, I realize that Luke was actually wearing just his tank top when he actually had Yoda on his back in Empire… but, I’ve got a fair amount of artwork up both of my arms and if I’d done it in a tank top with a bunch of tattoos hanging out it’d look like maybe Luke was on Dagobah not to learn the ways of The Force, but maybe to learn to repair his Camaro IROC-Z.)






  1. Vy says:

    Half-assed or no, it’s still cute. One of my professors did a Joker/Batman costume combo with his son. His son actually punched him in the stomach when he pretended to threaten his wife.

  2. petersons says:

    super cute! i was just blog browsing today…how fortuitous!
    caleb was a robot – not a wine dispensing robot – but he did light up
    of course it has been a love/hate relationship and he never did put on the dang helmet
    hope you guys are well…e&e

  3. Vy says:

    Also, should I congratulate you on being named a judge for the 2009 Eisner awards?

  4. kevin dixon says:

    Needs changing my diaper does.

  5. Josh Latta says:

    maybe Luke was on Dagobah not to learn the ways of The Force, but maybe to learn to repair his Camaro IROC-Z.)

    Heh heh.

    I have tattoos on my arms too-
    the 90’s weren’t good to me.

  6. Kyle says:

    Great, great, great. I wish we had seen you guys in person.

    Big congrats on the Eisner judging!

  7. Chico says:

    Awesome costumes,You always have good costume Ideas.I made a Thomas the train costume for my boy and he wouldn’t wear it so I had to go with a conducter costume instead. I made another suit of armor.I went with a pigface bascinet this year.

  8. Laurel says:

    Hi there, I’m doing a roundup of babywearing Halloween costumes on my blog, The Sling Lady. I’d love to post one of these pics (with a link to your blog). Let me know if that would be okay!


    aka The Sling Lady

  9. Ben says:

    @Laurel – Yeah, that’s fine with me. Post away!

  10. Laurel says:


  11. olivia says:

    very awesome costumes really love this.

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