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Books about Comics: Some Short Reviews


Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present by Dan Mazur and Alexander Danner I’ve been pretty vocal on my Twitter about the lack of a solid English language history of Franco-Belgian comics, so I was delighted when I caught wind of this book. It actually bites off a significantly larger geographic chunk than just French language comics, …

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Interview: Comics and Teaching

I was recently cleaning out a bunch of old documents that had accumulated in my Google Drive and I stumbled on this interview that I did a while back about teaching with comics. I honestly don’t remember what it was for–it may have just been an email interview with a graduate student, or something similar–but …

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Oyster War Is Now Complete. A Few Thoughts:


(An early sketch of Davidson Bulloch) I can’t exactly remember when I started working on Oyster War–I found some initial character drawings in my sketchbook from as long ago as 2008–but I posted the last page, page 128, earlier this month. I say in this post’s title that Oyster War is “complete,” but that’s not entirely …

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Marvel’s 25th Anniversary, 20/20, and Jim Shooter in the Letters Page


I’ve been reading Michael Golden’s great 80’s Marvel Vietnam War comic, The ‘Nam–something I should really devote a whole blog post to when I’m done–and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a hold of the actual issues, rather than the collected edition. In addition to having the original coloring, the issues also obviously include non-story …

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SPX 2014


You’d think with me now being pretty much done with Oyster War I’d have time for a big, extensive SPX 2014 wrap-up, but I’ve actually got to jump right into several other comics (and other) projects pretty quickly. But, I did want to do just a quick post–mainly just to show off some of the …

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Think of a City


Here’s my contribution to the wonderful Think of a City collaborative project. The idea behind the project is that each artist participating draws a cityscape or scene that takes place in a city with his or her contribution containing one drawn element and one color from the previous artist’s submission. There’s some pretty amazing artwork …

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Talking Comics Terminology on the Deconstructing Comics Podcast


I was recently a guest on the Deconstructing Comics podcast discussing my recent (and surprisingly controversial?) blog post about using film terminology to discuss comics. I’m hoping that the hour-long conversation here gave me a bit more room to make my case in a more nuanced and thorough way than in the original post. One …

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A Grid of Monsters

Spooky Scary color

Here’s a grid of monsters I drew as a pinup for Jess Smart Smiley’s Kickstarter book, Spooky Silly Comics: I really love bestiaries and things of that ilk so (after a bit of machinating about other possibilities) I decided that’s the route I’d go here. For projects like this, I like to introduce some randomness–just …

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AlphaBands Wrap-up: 26 Weeks of Music and Musician Drawings

Marvin Gaye

So, here’re all my drawings from the recently-completed AlphaBands project. As is usual with these sorts of weekly drawing exercises, the end results are a mixed bag. Looking back on these, there are some I really like (Karl Bartos, CCR, Hank Shocklee, Woody Guthrie) and some that were obvious duds (Angus Young, Iggy Pop, Marvin …

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AlphaBands – Z is for Zigaboo Modeliste


Z is for Zigaboo Modeliste   __________ AlphaBands is a weekly online collaborative project in which illustrators and cartoonists draw a band or musician for one letter of the alphabet each week for 26 weeks. See the art and find out more at the AlphaBands tumblr:

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